I have always believed in the power of customer references and testimonies.  Even when I am making small purchases, like buying shoes for my kids, I don’t want to waste my time -or money-  with things that aren’t the quality I am looking for, so I rely on past customers opinions.  This gave me the idea for a new weekly posting called “Testimonial Tuesday”! When this popped into my mind Kenneth W. was the first customer I thought of so, I said “Why not start it off with a “Throw Back Thursday”? Below is our first customer testimonial from several years ago, Kenneth W. received the dependable, quality that we guarantee.

If you don’t have the time to read the full copy, but want an idea of what working with Sentry Exteriors is like I have included a few exerts that, I feel, show how we are dedicated to every job; no matter the size or profit– and we want to show that.

Kenneth W. stated, “My wife and I were both very impressed with this since your competitor obviously felt the job might be to menial for his company to bother with… Due to the responsive, pleasant and accommodating attitude of your company and employees, including the gentleman that installed the gutter, as well as the quality of your product, we will contact your company for this and other needs we have in the future. Your company is truly a service oriented company and a credit to the Lynchburg business community”.

We can’t wait to get started with “Testimonial Tuesday” and we hope after reading them you may want to use us for needs you may have, and we hope to be able to post one of your testimonials here in the future!